Privacy Policy

Our website offers highly informative and very useful content to our readers located the world over. We constantly strive to make this a civil and pleasurable place for our visitors so that they can have a fruitful experience while they read our stories and articles. We also welcome our readers to contribute stories but we strongly condemn dissemination of fake information and take strict actions against it. No excuses or apologies are accepted once we notice somebody posting false and bogus information in posts or comments.
We have a privacy policy to handle confidential information with extreme care and caution. We don’t misuse names or identities or make them available to other communities. Our moderators and staff members are always here to help you out in case you have a question about our privacy policy. Please don’t hesitate to put forward your inquiry so that you have a good time browsing, reading, commenting, and sharing our news stories and posts.
It is encouraged to post comments on news stories and articles that interest you. However, we have strict rules on determining the quality and integrity of comments and therefore reserve the right to delete any comment that may compromisethe experience of other readers on our site. Do not hesitate to let us know if you’re having a bad experience on our site because of someone else so that we can immediately look into the matter and investigate what’s going on.
We don’t believe in discrimination based on religion, race, gender, and age. Everybody is therefore encouraged to put forward his or her views regardless of any personal attribute or factor. However, one must also respect other people’s views and opinions and try not to evoke feelings of hatred, misunderstanding, jealousy and incredulity.
We encourage sharing of our articles but nobody is allowed to misuse the information presented on this site for some negative intention. It is also prohibited to change or alter the words or sentences to make them look fake and misleading.
It is also not allowed to post some kind of threat to one of our readers/members and if you do so, you will be permanently deleted. The same goes for harassment and abusive language used against some individual, community, group or organization. We believe in making this website a safe place to browse and therefore don’t want anyone to get offended due to some racist comment or a post with violent undertones.
We strongly demote violence and do not accept it in any form whether it is justifiable or not. We also take strict action against false identities and people merely wanting to disrespect others by posting meaningless and discriminatory remarks. Finally, we encourage each and every member of our community to point out any activity that upsets, a comment that they would like to be deleted, or a person who is harassing them using the premises of this site. We would look into the matter and upon finding the information to be true will take serious action against the offender.